Lara Croft Go, djay Pro, and Ulysses Among Apple Design Award Winners

Every year Apple showcases some of the best designed apps on the App Store with its Apple Design Award. Crossy Road, Workflow, and Fantastical 2 were among the apps to win an Apple Design Award in 2015 and this year has an equally great list of winners.

Like last year, this year’s list of winners includes two apps made by students. These are Linum andDividr. Linum is a simple and elegant puzzle game where the goal is to connect nodes to their landing points. Dividr is an addictive 2D arcade game where the goal is to move glowing control squares so that you avoid obstacles and collect points.

The apps to win Apple Design Awards in the regular category are listed below:


  • Complete Anatomy is an iPad app for those who want to learn about the human anatomy. It has great design, cool graphics, and lots of useful information for those who want to learn.
  • Streaks is a to-do app for those who want to form good habits. Not only is the app great on the iPhone, but its Apple Watch companion app is excellent too.
  • Zova is an excellent fitness app that focuses on creating an achievable workout routine for you. Apart from iPhone and Apple Watch, it has an Apple TV app too.
  • helps people work together on films or video efficiently. It supports 3D Touch and Final Cut Pro X integration.
  • Ulysses is a fantastic writing app for Mac that works for all kinds of writing. It’s also available oniPhone and iPad.
  • Chameleon Run is a fast-paced game where your character runs and jumps across various platforms. It has stunning graphics and features addictive gameplay.
  • Lara Croft Go is an awesome turn-based puzzle game that is one of our favourite games. It’s no surprise that it’s an Apple Design Award winner.
  • Inks is a pinball game with a twist – the goal is to solve puzzles instead of racking up high scores. Weloved Inks and praised it for its beautiful design too.
  • Auxy Music Creation is a minimalist app that lets you create music. It has great design and is very easy to use.
  • djay Pro was an Apple Design Award winner in 2011 and it’s great to see that the app has continued to innovate enough to win another one this year.