How Joining a Fandom Can Be the Best Way to Make New Friends

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Most of the time, fandoms start out with an individual who just wants to proclaim his love for a certain person, human interest, or activity.In no time, the fandom accumulates members, owing to the growing number of people who share the same interests with the original creator. Aside from informing the world about their favorite subject, fandoms have also become a popular means of meeting people in this digital age.

Here are a number of reasons why joining a fandom can be the perfect venue for you to make new friends.

1.    Gives You Access to Worldwide Connection

Social media has opened the gates for various fandoms to exist around the world. With the help of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook, fandom members can communicate with each other, even if they are continents apart. These days, mobile community apps specifically designed for group communication also make engaging with other fandom members easier, more efficient, and more personalized. These apps, which serve as virtual common rooms,are a perfect venue to bond with other fans and meet possible friends. Having similar interests, fandom members are also likely to build their own nuanced way of communication or even create a secret language, which further strengthens their bond. Such exclusivity tends to makethe communication experience more unique and fun.

2.    Cultivates Shared Passion and Interest

Fandoms like to discuss anything that involves the object of their affection. For example, Game of Thrones’ fans can spend hours analyzing George R.R. Martin’s novels and cooking up various theories on who will die next in the popular television series. Fans love nothing more than to have someone they can connectwith, so they can trade information and learn new things about their favorite characters. Chatting up members with the same passion and interest can serve as a good foundation for new friendships.

3.    Encourages You to Join Conventions

Of course, fandoms also thrive outside the digital world. Members often attend fan conventions such as Comic Con, Anime Con, Star Wars or Star Trek Con, and more.Aside from all the fun activities, celebrity guest panelists, and collectible souvenirs, conventions also let you meet in person other fandom members you initially bonded with in forums. Physical meet-ups such as these reinforce the friendships you form online.

4.    Builds Confidence and Makes You Come out of Your Shell

Being part of a bigger group adds to an individual’s self-confidence. It allows him to be more expressive and to be more involved in a number of activities.Fandoms enable its members to voice out their thoughts and share their opinions without being judged. Most of these groups help out introverts or shy individuals come out of their shell by providing opportunitiesfor everyone to discuss topics freely, without the fear of being rejected, misunderstood or worst, bashed. This kind of confidence in the online world can translate most of the time in the outside world when these individuals gain enough strength to walk up to a strangers in conventions and start friendly conversations.

5.    Unleashes Your Hidden Potentials

Some members get so inspired with the information they acquire from previous discussions that they start tapping into their creative skills. Most fandoms have a dedicated pool of members who constantly share their artworks or fan fiction (fanfic) online. Their works usually generate a number of positive comments from admirers and followers, some of which end up as becoming their actual friends.

Fandoms bring together people with the same interests and allow them to discover individuals they can really connect with. It bridges people with similar language and belief, even those living in different continents. Furthermore, they provide a safe space where members can confidently communicate their ideas to other people. Fandoms open up an individual’s world of possibilities, especially when it comes to forming meaningful and long-lasting friendships.