Is Piano Tuning Necessary

Owning a musical instrument can be a wonderful feeling, especially because music can be absolutely soothing and peaceful. Now you would not want your calm-provider to be ill-tuned, would you? It is necessary that you get your piano tuned time and again to have one that sounds the best. Manufacturers suggest getting a new piano tuned four times during the first year. Usually, a piano needs to be tuned twice per year.

Things You Must Keep In Mind While Keeping Pianos

Weather changes such as erratic levels of humidity may harm your piano, making it require a lot mre tuning than the usual. To avoid this and more, you should keep the piano at a distance from the outside walls as they are most prone to moisture. Keeping in mind the moisture changes, the piano should be left to acclimatise for two weeks after having been moved before you get it tuned. The piano should also not be placed ducts as they again have the capacity to damage your piano’s tuning due to extreme dryness. One thing that is very common but tends to get escaped from people’s notice is that any piano which is played on a regular basis would require more tuning than others.

Weather can be extremely annoying when it comes to maintaining a well-tuned piano. It must be noted that the soundboards tend to get cracked due to extreme changes in humidity. Surely, there might be some minor cracks here and there due to faulty movement or accident, but the larger cracks caused due to humidity can adversely affect the tuning of the piano.

Know Your Piano Tuning Equipment

It is essential that you acquire some basic knowledge about pianos and how are they tuned so that you can maintain them well. Mostly, the piano tuners make use of a tuning fork in order to tune the first wire of the piano. The subsequent wires are tuned using beats and intervals during the entire process. Most of the pianos get tuned using an A440 tuning fork.

Problems Faced By Older Pianos

As we mentioned earlier, the changes in humidity tend to do some severe damages to the piano. The tuning pegs also get displaced due to the effects of humidity and face problems in maintaining a tune for a longer duration of time. In such a scenario, you may consider getting the piano restrung and damaged tuning pins replaced.

Benefit of Getting The Piano Tuned Regularly

A piano is like any other machinery when it comes to tuning. If you keep it well-maintained by getting it tuned on a regular basis, then chances are very abysmal that you would face some major issue with it. However, this process of tuning must be undertaken only by a professionally trained piano tuner. is your one-stop piano tuning service centre, providing a full array of customized piano maintenance options, including piano tuning, repair, refinishing and restoration, as well as used piano sales and instrument rentals for corporate events and functions. Call for getting your piano tuned in Toronto and surrounding areas today.