How To Market With A Podcast


Chris Cebollero will never forget the day his podcast idea was born.

“As an executive coach, I was taken to task by a caller that said to me, ‘I can’t afford an executive coach, but I could benefit from your expertise. What are you doing for the folks that cannot afford your service?’”

This was very sobering for Cebollero and caught him off guard.

“To be honest, I was a bit embarrassed as well,” he recalled. “This is what led me to the decision to develop The Ultimate Leadership Podcast that would be a free offering to individuals with the intent to entertain and educate listeners.”

A podcast is a music or talk program that is made available in digital format for download over the Internet. Media analysts say that podcasts turned the corner in the past year.

“The podcast industry matured in 2017, most noticeably through an improvement in quality of output and audience measurement metrics,” reported Newsweek. “Apple podcasts, which is how the majority of people listen, announced an update to provide basic analytics to podcast creators, giving them the ability to see what part of individual episodes consumers listen to, which parts they skip and when they quit an episode.”

Podcasters like Stephen Woessner saw the potential of podcasting several years ago.

“We decided to launch Onward Nation because we knew we needed a different strategy for generating the right kind of leads to support the growth of our core business, Predictive ROI,” says Woessner.

Now he reaches an audience of 30,000 email subscribers, 23,000 LinkedIn connections, and business owners in 120 countries.

“Each and every Tuesday when I interview between five and seven incredible business owners, I walk away from the conversations feeling smarter, empowered, and ready to apply the strategies I learned. And Onward Nation has become to the most effective business development strategy for Predictive ROI that we have ever implemented.”

Cebollero has been podcasting for close to 10 years. He has amassed just over 100,000 subscribers on his podcast email list.

“We see between 28,000 to 32,000 downloads in the first month of the shows release,” says Cebollero. “The show is popular in the US, Canada, and Europe.”

What are the benefits for the podcaster?

Podcaster Steve Nudelberg is an author, expert sales trainer, consultant, keynote speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He created On the Ball, a company that invests time and talent in emerging businesses and corporate teams to help them grow.

“I wanted to create and provide a forum for entrepreneurs and leaders that I have worked with throughout my career to showcase how they use the 27 rules in my book Confessions of a Serial Salesman,” said Nudelberg, who reaches a weekly audience of about 10,000. It’s solid 30 minutes of delivering high impact sales strategies, similar to a masters class in real life  situational case studies.”

Others echo a similar sentiment.

“Being able to reach thousands of individuals and share my expertise and those of my guests is a very humbling experience,” said Cebollero. “As a motivational speaker, this allows me to get on stage every week and deliver content, educate, and entertain an audience.”