What we hope for in iPhone7 – podcast


LOS ANGELES – That collective sigh you heard this week was Apple fans reacting to the latest, breathless iPhone announcement. Except this time, it’s the old iPhone in a new body, with no new features. Just a smaller iPhone, the SE, for those who prefer 4-inch phones, and a smaller price, $399.

So now, we turn to the fall, and look ahead eagerly at the real new iPhone, the iPhone7, which is expected to have a major re-design. Apple has taken a backseat in the innovation department, according to the many critics, to Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 phone. So what new features do Apple have to offer us to reclaim the cool factor?

–Take a peek at the TV remote control of future, talk about ditching your bank pin with biometrics, jump into the world of 360 degree virtual streaming online streaming and explore the changes to Instagram’s photo feed and how it alters what you see in the app.

–Our panelists:

–Jasmine Star is a Los Angeles based wedding photographer who also does a terrific job blogging. She has a great piece out this week on Instagram’s new photo presentation, and talks about the backlash to the changes from users.

–Steve Ellis runs the Innovation Group at Wells Fargo Bank, where he’s working on bringing biometrics and voice to replace pins for corporate customers.

Chris Ovitz is the co-founder of Workpop, a new jobs site that aims to “help everyone find a job they love.”

Matt Gordon is a product manager for camera manufacturer 360Fly, which has a new alliance with mobile app Livit to stream 360 footage to your phone, and he tells us how to do it.