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Google Play Store Top Android Apps Minus The Games Listed In Unpublished Link

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Quite a few Android users are not happy with Google’s lists for its top paid and free apps, as these are listed with too many games. Given that Google Play Store houses millions of apps and games, it is hard to blame the company.

It appears, nevertheless, that this has been tweaked as an unpublished link now features Google Play Store’s top Android apps minus the games.

Top Free Apps

1. Messenger

There is no denying why Facebook’s Messenger made it on top of the list. With this app, you can get in touch with people in your life, free of charge.

Messenger allows to you to send your friends selfies, photos, as well as videos with only one tap.

Users can initiate group chats by creating groups for selected people. You can even name your groups and set group photos.

The app also features free calls over Wi-Fi, even to people in other countries.

In addition, it has some nifty features such as a voice recorder (if you wish to send voice messages) and stickers to bring your conversations to life.

What’s more, the app will let you know if people have seen your messages. You can even see who is presently available on Messenger.

Interestingly, you can now message people in your phone book (not just your Facebook friends) through the app by simply entering a phone number to add a new contact.

2. Facebook

It is no surprise that this app made it on Google’s list. After all, who doesn’t have a Facebook account?

With this app, you can not only check what your friends are up to, you can share updates, photos and videos as well.

You will also be able receive notifications when your friends comment and like (and react) on your posts.

Needless to say, you can play games and use your much-loved apps through Facebook.

3. Snapchat

This well-known app allows its users to share images or video clips to other people. However, these can only be viewed by your friend for a few seconds.

What’s great is it offers filters and a slew of cool editing tools to make your photos and videos more artistic.

4. Pandora Radio

With this Android app, users will have the chance to create their personalized station and play the music they love the most. What’s even better is they can create up to 100 personalized radio stations.

The app features a wide assortment of music and comedy genre stations.

Top Paid Apps

1. Ultimate Guitar Tabs And Chords

This app is packed with a wide array of guitar and ukulele chords, tabs and lyrics. It is well-received by Android users across the globe is it is available even offline.

This is a useful app for those who wish to know how to play guitar and want to refresh their knowledge of the instrument.

In 2014, it was deemed as one of Google’s best apps of the year.

2. Akinator The Genie

Akinator The Genie is a fun app which touts to read the user’s mind. The aforementioned genie can tell you what character you are thinking about, only by asking some questions. Thinks of a character, real or fictional, and Akinator is going to guess who’s on your mind.

3. Pocket Casts

This is particularly useful to those who love podcasts. Pocket Casts is an easy-to-use podcast player which comes packed with a slew of cool features.

Among the awards the app and the developer already received include the Google Material Design Award, Google Play Editors Choice and Google Play Top Developer.

4. Nova Launcher Prime

Deemed as the best launcher for modern Android devices, Nova Launcher replaces your home screen with one you can customize. You’ll even have the freedom to change layouts, icons, animations and other settings.

There you have it: the top Android Apps from Google Play Store. For your reference, here is the link to the list of top Android apps which you may want to check out.

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