Google Maps for iOS Update Brings Support for Navigation to Multiple Destinations and More

Google Maps for iOS Update Brings Support for Navigation to Multiple Destinations and More

The latest update to Google Maps brings along several tweaks in design, and a new Area of Interest feature. Additionally, it also introduces the ability to add multiple destinations for iOS users. This feature was launched for Android users last month, and is now live for all iOS users as well.

With Google Maps for iOS version 4.21.0, users can now add more than one destination to their route. You can now add pit-stops mid-route, and maps will divide it as point A, B and so on. This feature is useful when you have to manoeuvre around areas making multiple stops. Users need to feed in pit stops, and Google Maps will route a way to all the destinations in your desired order, and begin navigation.

As mentioned, this feature was already available to Android users, albeit “it was activated via a server-side switch, not an actual update to the Maps app.” Users will have to be running on Maps for Android version 9.31, but the OTA update alone doesn’t guarantee that multiple destination feature will work after the update.

Users that don’t have multiple destinations activated can use the desktop version till then. Alternatively,they can make it work on Maps for Android, by just copying the full URL of a multiple destination search on Maps for desktop, and send it to themselves on mobile in whichever way they please, from an email to a message to yourself in a chat app. Once the user clicks on the received link and then choose to open it in Google Maps, the app will open the multiple destination route navigation.

The recent Google Maps update introduced a much cleaner look, and got rid of road outlines. It even introduced colour schemes that represent freeways, parks and hospitals, and even introduced a new feature called Area of Interest. This feature showed nearby bars and restaurants in a slight orange shade.

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