How to get admission into best BBA colleges?

Colleges and exams have taken over the world by sway. Every corner you look around, there’s a college established. Then, how would you go around choosing the best possible colleges for you?

That’s the one reason I’m writing this post today,  in case you’re looking for the best  BBA  colleges in Banglore this article will help you out.

Some Strategies to Help You Get into The Best BBA Colleges in Banglore (Or Anywhere Else in the Country):-

The exam is divided in the following sections:-

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English
  • Reasoning
  • General Awareness

So you need to plan your strategies accordingly if you want to seriously see you on the next side of the examinations.

Quantitive Aptitude:-

The exams consist of the following sections which mostly  comprise of whatever you’ve learnt in your 10+2 classes, like:-

  • Algebra
  • Mensuration
  • Number Series
  • Commercial Math
  • Data Interpretation etc.

Mathematics is a must if you want to crack the BBA exams in the country. Well you can consider going with Time&work, Distance, Average, Ratio, Profit Loss and some other stuff as such.

In short, you’ve to prepare everything you’ve learnt in your last 3-4 years of college or school. What happens mostly is a lot of us are weak in mathematics, and we like to keep it that way.

We think by running away from the problems, we’re decreasing them but in the long run? Well they’ll have the upper hands so no matter what I’d say don’t try to escape from the problems that arise with your arithmetic, instead face them.


Ofcourse such a level of examination can not be conducted without due preference to English, right? So yeah you just have to keep this in your mind too.

You need to make sure you’re efficient with Grammar and Vocabulary, no they won’t ask you to write a paper for the President of India, but they won’t be asking your nursery rhymes either.

You will be facing Jumbled sentences, fill in the blanks, spellings etc! So no you can’t miss it.


They need to check how good you are with reasoning and Logic, hence this section.

This section mostly consists of Deductive Logic, Visual Reasoning, Data Interpretation and stuff like that. Being honest, it totally depends on how well you’re practiced in the stuff.

There’s no “intelligence” thing in it, I mean there is but it more or less coincides with your common sense so if you’re appearing for your exam, don’t leave your day to day brain at your home.

General Knowledge:-

Well, as the name says it all, there’s no science to it, it’s pure arts.

How good you understand the society you live in, it’s politics, it’s history, arts and literature and what not. So yeah that’s how it’s done.

The worst part about the General Awareness thing is that, there’s nothing included in it for sure. Means it’s like you can’t decide what you’re going to read and what to leave.

You just have to cover as much of General stuff as you can. I’d say go out in the market and buy some General Knowledge books, give them frequent readings every now and then, that should help.

Final Words:-

These strategies listed above definitely gave you an idea of the foe you’ll be facing, right? I’d say it’s not that hard, if you practice well.

Just keep most of your focus focused upon “Arithmetic”, the rest of the sections can be covered even generally, but well Arithmetic? Don’t take it lightly.

If you’re facing problems with the Arithmatic thing, take help of private and online tutors, they work like charm, also I’d say along with Arithmatic focus on the English section, which comes in easy but hold a good percentage of total marks so.

Well I’m hoping this article is bound to get you admitted in the best BBA colleges in Banglore, all you need to do is, prepare well.