Discounted $300 PlayStation VR Deal Now Available

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If you’ve been wanting a PlayStation VR but the price has kept you from buying, Amazon has a deal for you. For a limited time, you can get nearly $100 off the price of a PS VR + Camera bundle with a special discount code.

The regular cost of buying the bundle at Amazon is $398.09, but if you type in the code PSVRSAVE you can get it for just $300. The code was tweeted by Wario64.

Most other retailers are selling the bundle for $400, so the Amazon offer does look like a good deal. It’s not clear when the code will expire, so you better act fast if you’re interested. Last month, Sony effectively cut the cost of the PS VR when it started selling the system exclusively with the required camera. The bundle cost the same as the previous price for the PS VR standalone headset, which you could purchase without the camera. As Sony put it, players now effectively get the camera for free.

Sony’s PlayStation VR aims to be cheaper than its PC competitors, but it’s still an expensive purchase, especially given you already need a PlayStation 4in order to play. During Sony’s press conference at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today, the company unveiled several of the new PS VR games coming to the system. You can watch the press conference in full here, and check out a full list of all the games and their trailers here.