Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson quick off the blocks on Army cuts — and he’s right to stand up to the Treasury

 The baby-faced assassin Gavin Williamson seems up for the battle with the Treasury

PEOPLE asked serious questions about Gavin Williamson when he was made Defence Secretary.

It’s a big, grown-up job. A youthful MP without any previous ministerial experience seemed a risky choice.

But the baby-faced assassin seems up for the battle — and he’s right to stand up to the Treasury and demand that our Armed Forces get the cash they need, especially as we prepare to leave the European Union.

Though the Remoaners won’t ever admit it, Brexit will allow Britain to play an even bigger global role — but only if the resources are there to do it.

With the Russians on manoeuvres and questions about America’s appetite for getting involved abroad, the need for a properly kitted-out military is obvious.

Cutting the Royal Marines or weakening our Navy even further sends a terrible message to our allies, and encourages those who are on the offensive. An effective fighting force is vital to ensure our “hard power” can be felt across the globe.

But we also need to deliver effective humanitarian aid when disaster strikes.

The Prime Minister has, rightly, outlined a grand vision of a “global Britain”. It’s a goal we wholeheartedly support.

The military will play a big role in delivering just that, and they mustn’t be taken for granted.