Control the volume of apps on Android

App Volume Control is a free application for Android devices that enables you to control the volume when specific applications are started or exited individually.

If you have encountered situations before when using your Android device where the sound was too loud, where notification sounds distracted you from watching a video, or where you did not want to be disturbed by your phone’s ring sound.

Your Android device may ship with options to set the volume of media, the ringtone or alarm individually, but the same is usually not true when it comes to applications.

If your phone does not even support these basic options, then you may want to check out Persist Volume Control which we reviewed back in 2014.

App Volume Control

app volume control

App Volume Control is compatible with devices running Android 4.0.3 and up. The application does not require extra permissions — always good — but displays an ad at the bottom of the screen when it is run.

First thing you need to do is allow it to function as a function to change the volume of applications automatically. Once that is out of the way, a list of installed and system apps is displayed on the screen.

A slider indicates whether custom volumes are configured for apps. A tap opens the configuration screen where you set the desired volume levels.

These are divided into on speaker, on headset and on Bluetooth with on speaker settings being used automatically unless you change that there.

As far as settings are concerned, you can set the volume for media, ring, alarm, notification or system sounds individually (or keep the defaults).

To do so simply toggle the option with a tap and use the volume slider to set the volume between 0% and 100%.

App Volume Control let’s you do this separately for app start and app closing, and the reason behind this is that the volume would not change back otherwise if it would not ship with that feature.

The on closing section is set to restore the old volume by default, but you can change that as well using the menu.

A tap on the save icon saves the changes but you will receive a prompt as well if you leave without saving the changes first.

App Volume Control displays a short onscreen message whenever you start an application on the device that you have configured a custom volume for. You may disable that notification in the app settings.

The application lacks a search option which means that you will have to scroll the alphabetical list of installed and system apps to manage those you want to modify the volume for. An option to search, or one to filter out the system apps, would be useful to improve that process.

Additionally, an option to set volume presets to reuse them might come in handy. Since there is no such feature currently, you need to set the volume for all apps individually even if you want them all to use the same volume settings.

Closing Words

If you want better control over the volume of installed or system applications on your Android device, then you may find App Volume Control useful as it provides you with that functionality.

The app could use a couple of options like the aforementioned search or presets that would make it comfortable to use.

Everything else is automated from that point onward