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Burning chair bourbon review

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If you’re in the market for a delicious and unique bourbon, look no further than Burning Chair. This spirit is made from 100% corn and is aged for at least 6 months in new, charred oak barrels.

Burning Chair has quickly become one of our favorite bourbons, and we think you’ll love it too!

burning chair bourbon review

Burning Chair Bourbon

If you’re in the mood for a bourbon that will sear your taste buds, Burning Chair is the one for you. The alcohol content is high, but the flavor profile is intense and satisfying. If you’re looking for something that will leave a lasting impression, this is the bourbon for you.

The Vintage Collection

The Vintage Collection is a new collection of bourbon that was created by Redemption Distillery. The collection includes four different bourbons: Burning Chair, Barrel Select, Kentucky Fire and Kentucky Thunder. Burning Chair is the representative bourbon in the collection and it was created to commemorate the death of a family friend.

The whiskey is 41 percent alcohol by volume and it has a proof of 108. It has a light color and a nice aroma. The taste is smooth and it has a fruity flavor with a hint of oak. Burning Chair bourbon is perfect for those who want something light and refreshing.

The Bourbon

The burning chair bourbon review is a detailed and in-depth look at the burning chair bourbons. The article discusses the history of the brand, their various expressions, and how each one compares. The review also includes a tasting analysis of all six bourbons, with descriptions of flavor and aroma.

Review of Burning Chair Bourbon

Burning Chair Bourbon is a new bourbon released in February of 2019 by Buffalo Trace Distillery. The company describes Burning Chair as “a rye whiskey that is charred inside the barrel, imparting a smoky flavor and aroma.”

First Impressions: After taking a sniff of the bottle, I could smell the oak and char. It definitely had a strong smoky smell. I poured myself a glass and took a sip. The first thing that hit my tongue was the oak. It was really sharp and overpowering. After a few minutes, the smoky taste started to come through and it was really good. There was also a nice sweetness to it that balanced out the smokiness perfectly. Overall, I really enjoyed Burning Chair Bourbon and thought it was a great bourbon option for those who love smoky flavors.

Burning Chair Bourbon

If you’re looking for a unique, delicious bourbon experience, look no further than Burning Chair. This spirit is made from corn, rye and malted barley, and it’s aged in used bourbon barrels. If you’re a fan of smoky flavors, this is the bourbon for you.

The nose on Burning Chair is full of woodsy notes combined with a bit of spice. The taste follows suit with strong smoky flavors that are balanced by a fruity sweetness. The finish is long and smooth, with just a touch of heat at the end. If you’re looking for an interesting and flavorful bourbon experience, Burning Chair is definitely worth trying out.

The History of Burning Chair

Burning Chair Bourbon is a new bourbon that started production in 2017. The name comes from an old wooden chair in the owner’s grandfather’s farm that was burned down. The story is emblematic of the distillery’s focus on quality and craftsmanship.
The distillery is located in Frankfort, Kentucky and uses 100% traditional spirits production methods. They use American white oak for the barrel aging process and their bourbons are hand-crafted with a focus on quality and authenticity.

Burning Chair Bourbon is produced by Frankfort, Kentucky-based Burning Chair Distillery. The distillery was founded by brothers Dave and Cody Martin in 2017, following a family tradition of distilling spirits. Burning Chair sources its all-American white oak barrels from four different cooperages across Kentucky, each chosen for its unique characteristics. The resulting bourbon is handcrafted using 100% traditional production methods, with a focus on quality and authenticity.

The Alcohol Content of Burning Chair

Burning Chair Bourbon is a bourbon made in Kentucky. The Alcohol Content of Burning Chair is 40% ABV. Burning Chair Bourbon is a barrel-aged bourbon, which means it’s been stored in a new barrel for at least two years.

Potential Side Effects of Burning Chair

There are a few potential side effects of burning chair bourbon that need to be considered before deciding if it is the right spirit for you:

1. Burning chair bourbon may cause skin irritation and a burning sensation.
2. Burning chair bourbon may also cause respiratory problems, including difficulty breathing and chest pain.
3. Burning chair bourbon may also increase blood pressure, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Would I Recommend Burning Chair to a Friend?

If you’re looking for something different in your bourbon taste, then I would recommend giving Burning Chair a try. Not only is the bourbon unique, but the tasting experience is also really fun. It’s definitely one of those bourbons that you have to try to understand why people love it so much.


If you’re looking for a delicious and refreshing drink to enjoy this summer, look no further than Burning Chair Bourbon. This bourbon is made with distilled Kentucky corn, which gives it a sweet taste that pairs well with most foods. The burning chair bourbon is also gluten free, so those who are intolerant or allergic to gluten can enjoy it as well.

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