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Best iPhone And iPad Apps To Help You Lose Weight: Lose It!, Couch to 5K And More

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If losing weight is among your New Year’s resolutions, or if it is something that you just have been meaning to do for the longest time but have just not gotten around to starting it, the perfect time to begin is now.

While a proper diet and sufficient exercise are the foundations of any weight loss program, iOS users should take advantage of the long list of apps on the App Store that can help them in their quest to lose weight.

Here are some of the best iOS apps to help you lose weight.

Lose It! – Freemium

With Lose It!, users can set their daily calorie budget, track their food intake and exercise, and stay motivated in their goal of losing weight.

The app, which is based on the principles of calorie tracking and peer support for healthy and sustainable weight loss, also allows users to set personal goals. The app will keep track of the users progress towards achieving that goal, and for additional support and motivation, the app also has social features and challenges. The complete features of the app, however, can only be unlocked through an annual subscription fee of $39.99.

Couch to 5K – $2.99

Couch to 5K is a training app from Active.com which promises users that after spending just 20 minutes to 30 minutes daily, three times a week, for nine weeks, they will be in shape to finish their first 5K (3.1-mile) race.

In addition to the nine-week training plan with voice-guided workouts, the app features route mapping for users that love to run outdoors, treadmill also functions for users that prefer to workout indoors and features Apple Watch support. Users that accomplish the goal of Couch to 5K can then move forward with the matching 10K and half-marathon versions of the app.

FitStar Personal Trainer – Freemium

A personal trainer provides the proper training regimen and motivation for people looking to lose weight. However, for those that could not afford a monthly gym rate on top of the personal trainer fee, the FitStar Personal Trainer app is a good alternative.

While the premium subscription of the app costs $7.99 per month or $39.99 for a year, the app features an expansive list of workout programs tailored for different goals. The programs include demonstration videos so that users can see the proper way of doing them, with the app syncing with a variety of platforms including Apple’s HealthKit, Jawbone, Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

Stepz – Free

The Stepz app is a step counter that uses the Apple Motion Coprocessor found in the iPhone 5s and newer. The app features full Apple Health integration as it accurately records the number of steps a user takes in a day with very low battery drain.

The steps counter, which looks to see if users move around enough daily, also allows users to set their daily goals for steps and calculates the calories burned. The app features Apple Watch support and also has the Stepz Friends feature, which allows users to connect with their friends and see how many steps they are taking for further motivation.

Strava – Freemium

For users deciding to lose weight by running or cycling, the Strava app is a great companion app. The app allows users to create their own routes and tracks extensive amount of data that other apps are not able to, such as heart rate and elevation.

Strava features Apple Watch support, social components and challenges, though for some perks such as instructional videos and leaderboards, users will have to pay for a Premium subscription that costs $5.99 per month of $59.99 per year.


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