3 Brilliant Career Opportunities foran Online MBA Graduate

Planning to get an MBA degree but no time for college? Pursue an online MBA course and develop business management and operational skills. Online MBA courses are at par with campus-based ones and in fact, quite often, online learning is more advanced than conventional education.

Nowadays, MBA grads are in high demand because of their expertise on topics like finance, business management, marketing strategy, and economics.

If you have been wondering about your career opportunities as an MBA graduate, here are 3 job roles awaiting you.

  1. Accountant

Finance and economics are integral subjects of an online MBA course. These subjects will help you take up the role of an accountant when you graduate. As the accountant of an organisation, you’ll be responsible for maintaining financial reports, filing taxes, and analysing the company’s financial stability.

When you join as a fresher, you’ll prepare the company’s budget, undertake billing activities, and maintain account records. As you grow up the ladder, you’ll come into a supervisory position where you’ll be expected to review and approve final reports and budgets.

  1. Financial Analyst

A financial analyst gives sound financial advice to companies and individuals. If you’re working for an organisation, you’ll be responsible for analysing the company’s financial status, predicting future revenues, and investing money in the right assets.  You need to have a deep understanding of local and global financial markets so that you can create an investment portfolio for your company.

Once you have gained adequate working experience as a financial analyst, you can choose to be self-employed. If you are well acquainted with the tricks of the trade, big organisations will seek financial and investment advice from you.

  1. Marketing Manager

If you choose marketing as your core MBA specialisation, then you’ll be able to take up this job easily. Initially, you might have to be a part of a team and work on promotional campaigns and sales strategies for your company. But, if you have a knack for understanding consumer behaviour and what it takes to attract them, you’ll quickly rise to the role of a marketing manager.

As a marketing manager, you’ll increase awareness about your company, build its brand, drive sales, and be the point of contact between clients and in-house staff.

Doing an MBA online will open up these 3 career opportunities for you. Depending on your area of specialisation and your interests, you can pick any one of this job roles and push your career ahead.